DirectorLidia DUDA

In case of pedophilia, the definition of the perpetrator and the victim is crystal clear. This clarity might however become ambiguous in one of these rare situations, in which the victim tries to take revenge on the aggressor.As a child, the film character was abused by his neighbor, among several other boys living in an area. The pedophile has been found guilty and sentenced for few years in jail. Once he left out, the boys were older, but still anxiously trying to cope with the traumatic past. As a teenager, the film’s character, become obsessed with a thought of necessity of paying back for the harm. He tried to take physical revenge twice. The roles have been now reversed: the pedophile is afraid of his victim. His life become confined to an apartment, and its direct surroundings, as he does not get out of a fear of being attacked by the “boys.”   For over ten years, both the men live in a mutual, emotional dependence, which the film presents cross-cutting narratives of both of them and a testimonies of their closest ones. The story based on hatred and fear lasts and seems to have shaped into the vicious circle.